2017 Royal Ball The Great Gatsby

King Agricole V - Nick Giittinger

Queen Scholastique V- Cheryl Courville

Pages to the King - Maddox Broussard, Gunner Courville and Tanner Grimble

Pages to the Queen - Kennedy Courville, Victoria Menard and Lilly Champagne

Representing Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan
Royal Duke Jim Reardon and Royal Maid Lorraine Reardon

Representing The Musician and The 1920's Flapper
Royal Duke Mark Finley and Royal Maid Sharon Finley

Representing The Brothel Patron and The Madam
Royal Duke Eric Courville and Royal Maid Missy Courville

Representing Detective Eddie and Jessica Rabbit
Royal Duke Travis Ferguson and Royal Myka Guidry

Grand Duke -Kendall Thibodeaux

Krewe de St. Martin

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