2018 Royal Ball The Throwback Time Machine

King Agricole VI - Kendall Thibodeaux

Queen Scholastique VI- Carolyn Adkins

Pages to the King - Caleb Hebert and Eric Courville

Pages to the Queen - Kaylee Abshire, Kennedy Smith and Madison Lavergne

Representing the 1960s
Royal Maid Brandy Berard and Royal Maid Cris Lee

Representing The 1970s
Royal Duke Vic Terro and Royal Maid Zona Terro

Representing The 1980s
Royal  Maid Kassi Berard Leger

Representing The 1990s
Royal Maids Megan Bergeron, Abby Guillory, Lisa Olinger, Amy Dowden, and Lindsey Reed

Grand Duchess -Chelsea Comeaux

Krewe de St. Martin

Established 2011